Our Process

Step-by-Step journey with real pictures of behind the scenes

Process-Real Image-Procurement


Procured from herd of Desi cows and buffaloes only. It is here that our journey starts. It is scientifically proven that indigenous and free to roam cattle are the source to purest form of milk.

Lab Testing

The milk upon entering out processing plant located in Sirsa, Haryana goes through 5 levels of testing in our own laboratory. The batch is dispatched only when we are satisfied with every parameter

Process -Real Image- Lab Testing
Process -Real Image- Packaging


Milk is then pasteurized once and packaged in our high quality poly packet. Note: We do not use milk glass bottles because of hygiene issues related to re-washing it and re-using it among many customers.

Crushed Ice

Notice anything different ? Our milk does not travel in crates rather in Ice boxes filled with crushed ice as  in the picture. 100% pure milk needs to be kept below 10°c in order to maintain its quality.

Process -Real Image- Crushed Ice
Process-Real Image-Out for Delivery

Out for Delivery

The milk now leaves our plant and travels to your house in our end to end cold chain featuring refrigerated trucks, vans and insulated bags and boxes. This complete journey from dairy to your door takes less than 20 hours.

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