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Essential for kids.

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A2 Desi Cow Milk

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King of all milk. Our bestselling product is A2 Desi Cow Milk. It is rich in A2 proteins that boost your immunity and keeps you away from diseases. Especially great for small and growing children

Health Benefits

It protects you from diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems by boosting the immunity of your body. A2 proteins are naturally found in Desi Cows of India like Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal etc.

Especially great for...

A2 Desi Cow milk is especially great for children. The everyday viruses and bacteria that attack children during school, play or other places are kept away by a strong immunity wall built by A2 Proteins.

Do you know ?

The generally available milk in the market that is labelled as "cow milk" is not Desi cow breed's milk and so does NOT contain any nutrients or vitamins found in A2 Milk. Please choose only desi cow milk.



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Sourced from Desi Cows of India

Indian cattle breed like Gir, Rathi and Sahiwal are rich in A2 proteins which is incredibly beneficial for our human body.
A2 proteins help build our immunity wall up to protect you and yourself against diseases like Diabetes etc. and various viruses.

Over 70 quality parameters are

No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Hormonal Injection

100% A2 Milk


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