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Toned Milk

Available at just Rs 42 /litre with free home delivery

Premium milk with no additives or milk powder now available at same market price. Toned milk with now same benefits and nutrition of real milk.

Benefits of a glass a day...

Toned Milk available in the market is manufactured from milk powder plus water. The result is something that looks like milk but does not provide the nutrition and benefits of drinking it. Switch to Dairylac Toned milk with no milk powder or preservatives added to it.

Real nutrition of milk

Better in taste



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Wide Variety of pure products

Dairylac offers wide variety of products to suit your need in every way. Health, Taste or Budget whatever may be your priority. We’ve got a right product for you.

Over 70 quality parameters are

No Chemicals
No Preservatives
No Hormonal Injection

100% A2 Milk


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